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AI Website builders are here in 2024 and have become a big commodity in website building in 2024. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been controversial since AI-related tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper, Midjourney, Synthesia, and many more automation tools emerged. You can get things done in mere moments rather than hours of invested time on whatever you are trying to do. AI websites and AI website builders have also made the time to put up your website a more accessible convenience. It is done with minimal effort.

In the creative industry, it has been quite a rollercoaster throughout 2023. The use of artificial intelligence has saved many creative hours, but cost many jobs. Creatives have either needed to step up their game, join the automation “bandwagon”, or they would either need to look into another career field like many in this Article from the Washington Post about the effects of ChatGPT. Despite using artificial intelligence to automate, it also has created quality issues in the work done on many points.

Website builders, such as Elementor and Divi, have even added Generative Automation to their list of Features. Now, we are seeing AI Website Builders come to the marketplace, which could shake up the world of making websites as we know it. Or will it?

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website design near me

AI Website Builder List

A massive list on the internet is available to those who will listen for AI Website builders. Some of them come with some pretty cool features as well. You may already know some of them as existing popular website-building tools and systems from today and yesterday! A successful website can take up to three months to build correctly, with these tools, it can expedite the time it takes to make one.


The 10Web AI Website Builder has kept our eyes open since its great inception last year from TikTok to the web. Their marketing machine is superb, and we definitely have seen some incredible website interfaces released to the web thanks to their AI website-building tool. You can “generate” your website within “30 seconds” with this tool. In reality, you could put up something pretty cool in mere minutes.

They have added some pretty remarkable features to their impressive resume. An AI Business Name Generator, Marketing Strategies, an AI Assistant, SEO, ECommerce solutions, and more. One that has stood out is how they would integrate your AI-generated website into WordPress. That is a huge plus! They even have automated WordPress solutions and hosting.

We cannot wait to see what this incredible team comes up with next. They have relatively fair pricing with the many tools they have available.


The B12 AI Website Builder focuses on the AI website-building aspect of things. It is straight to the point and does what it says: build websites within minutes. They have a DIY Website Editor and plenty of more tools to help you quickly set up your online brand. The B12 Builder also has a fantastic customer support team to help you along the way.


The team at Teleport HQ has put together some fantastic tools for aspiring entrepreneurs and developers. They have put together terrific tools such as the AI Website Builder, Headless CMS Integrations, Code Collaboration and Generation, and its own Low Code Website Builder. Lastly, they even have a Figma Plugin to boot.

If you are a Developer, you will love this team as they have put together great solutions. If you are a Developer, it’ll be the one thing that helps you achieve greater heights, learn more, and collaborate more with other developers. As a Developer myself, I could not appreciate this company even more.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is another prominent AI Website Builder that can help you generate your website within minutes. Just like the Website Builder, it has iOS, Android, and App AI Building capabilities too which we find extremely interesting. This company also has amazing free tools online for Website Checking available as well. The builder gets your website up in minutes.


The Durable AI Website builder is another AI Website Builder that puts together websites within minutes with fair pricing available. It has other important tools such as a CRM, Invoicing, AI Assistant, and even Content Creation. One thing that really caught our eye on this AI Website builder, is that it seems they may have put together a blueprint of an “All In One” system. A CRM to keep your Sales and Orders Accountable, an AI Assistant to keep things moving, and AI Content Creation to keep things posting helpful content for customers.

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hvac web designer

AI-Powered Website Builders

With existing Website Builders out there and with human nature in play, it makes sense for some existing Website Builders to power AI Features. Some of these features have helped business owners, developers, and designers save tons of time putting awesome websites together.


Wix is constantly changing the game. With their powerful website builder introduced years ago, building websites has been more accessible than ever. Now that Artificial Intelligence is in the picture, Wix has undoubtedly made some outstanding features together to make websites even easier and faster to make. Wix is here to stay with their additions with their AI Tool additions.

Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger has a terrific Hosting Platform, and with its AI website-building tool, it has made websites go up quickly in minutes. We think that Hostinger has put together an excellent combination for AI Websites. Their builder makes a terrific Website mainframe and landing page template. Once done, you just edit and pick up the pieces. Its generator comes up with great templates and concepts and has had successful websites come out in 2023.


WordPress was bound to have AI website-building tools. Starting with its two prominent Website Builders, Divi Theme and Elementor Plugin. There are several more plugins and page builders from WordPress that deserve to be mentioned because they, too, have implemented some sort of Generative Features.

When it comes to WordPress, there are even more ChatGPT-related plugins that put together copy generation, image generation, and even design generation and implementation. WordPress can be complex for many, but it is now one hundred times easier to build with WordPress in AI. We may even recommend it.

There are many on both lists that should be covered as well, but we want to give you a general idea on what is out there. Plenty more AI Website Builders and Website Builders with AI Tools are available on the web.


AI Website Cons

AI has been in such a pessimistic point of view in recent years. That is because companies have dumped thousands of people coincidentally right during its incentive. It makes us believe we creatives are really going to be replaced. That is far from the truth. However, it can replace you depending on the company you are working for. People are treating it as a means to an end and just using it, and not revising it or using it for what it is made for. When it comes to websites, business owners will save lots of money, and developers will be unemployed, which is also far from the truth.

Let’s also jump into these negative points regarding the overuse of artificial intelligence and how it can affect your website.

Job Replacer

Just like page builders, if you do not know how to code or work with Content Management Systems, you are doomed to the fate of this AI Builder. You are at the mercy of how the company handles its software instead of having your freedom. And if you are going to put up a website and expect it to stay up with no problems, then you are in for a rude awakening. It is always good to know how to code or work with Content Management Systems or know someone who does know.

Employing developers and designers keeps things fresh and may even improve your product. Just because it says you do not need to know how to code, there will always be a catch and repercussions due to limitations. With limitations, you may lose out on opportunities your competitors are enjoying right now. If your website is slow because of the choice of your AI Website Builder, you are at the mercy of them to “fix” the problem and you may be in a wait list and will lose customers dramatically.

Used as a Means to an End (Misuse)

Misuse. Plain and simple. When you just assemble an AI Article, do you not analyze it? Do you not see grammatical errors? Even ChatGPT admits that it may have inaccuracy or grammatical problems. Google will now detect if you are using AI-generated articles as they check for plagiarism on websites. Google and other search engines want to provide a rich and better experience for their customers, if you are copying/pasting, you are doing no different than taking a stock image and hope you rank for a keyword better than your competitor.

These principles will eventually lie within websites, too. Once Google and other Search Engines see a particular pattern in Design, Use of Images, and Text, you could even be penalized in the future, just like backlink buyers are. This is the plain consequence of using AI Website Builders because of the previous point (experience and employment); you may run into the limitation of keeping your website out of that scope of copy/paste algorithm penalizations.

This is because you are misusing it. Making a website, and not doing more to it. That’s why we liked some of these solutions above as it encourages you to improve what is generated rather than just use it and call it a day. When you are not original, and not following strategy, you are violating the most common principle to successful websites.

Violating the Most Common Principle to Websites (SEO)

Originality. If you are not original in your brand, and are using stock images and ai generated text to tell your story, then you are not doing it right. When you “misuse” AI, you will likely violate this principle and get in trouble. If Google flags you or are not ranking, it is simply because you are not putting out good enough content. When you are not being original and using better images and content produced by you, it’ll be the same way Google treats stock images versus organic images.

Probably the biggest threat to AI Websites. You may not only be limited but also at the mercy of the AI website builders to ensure that your website system always adheres to the daily changes search engines make.

When it comes up to putting together a Website in AI, you should still consult with Professional Copywriters, Web Designers and Developers, and more professionals to help your business succeed. If you are in the starting point, that is fine, but it is always to have the backup of a professional instead of a faceless system that we do not know enough about. Call your copywriter today, they are eager to help businesses.

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wordpress web design

AI Website Pros

AI is here not only to stay but to consume the market. However, it would be a fallacy to say that it will take jobs from other people. If anything, it may just do what it was designed to do by increasing productivity. Let’s be very honest with ourselves: it is very tough to get our “creative juices” flowing, and with constant work coming our way, wouldn’t it be nice to have something come up with ideas with us?

Would it not be good to be able to get a helping hand to get things done and make yourself more productive? Well, AI is designed for this. Let’s remember that it is not necessarily a means to an end most of the time. Let’s just talk about the incredible positive things that AI and AI Website Builders can do.

Increase Productivity

AI Website Builders can be a productive tool to concept websites and even put websites together for agencies and small businesses.The use of Artificial Intelligence Generative tools can help you speed up your daily tasks and get you out of creative funks and blocks. It can be the one thing that helps you get right back on track and get things done.

Get Your Brand Out Sooner

We get it; you want to get out now, and you may have already taken several steps on what it takes to build a website. AI Website Builders may just get your idea, product or service out to the web sooner. Just make sure when you are doing this, that you are putting it on a Scalable platform that can offer migration solutions should you need to take things to the next level.

Provide Insight & Ideas

Another major thing we have seen with these tools, is that it has helped generate some fantastic ideas for our websites. With this being said, it has helped us get out of creative funks like the increasing productivity message and helped usput out better aesthetic for websites.

If used properly, artificial intelligence can increase productivity, give insights, and do more. It gets things done faster, and it enriches anyone’s ability to implement ideas and learn more. AI Website Builders can be used to put together terrific products. We think that AI can be used, but only with pure responsibility; otherwise, abuse of this system can hurt you in the long haul.

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landing page microsite web design

Why It Might Be Best To Stick With Custom Solutions

We think in our “gut feeling” right now that building your website through a company may be better. It is if you do not have any experience or do not know anyone in your life who can help you. Otherwise, you, as a business owner, will be drowned with so much information, and it can divert your attention away from running the ship. You cannot facilitate your business, brand, or anything without properly sailing the boat. Sailing the boat is one responsibility. Having the rest of the ship continue to move can be put on the responsibility of others. Others can help you facilitate getting your boat to the destination you want to go.

So if you need to steer the ship, why get off of the wheel when there are many capable hands in the world to help you facilitate the other things. Overwhelming yourself will have you doing too many things all at once, and you will not have enough time to accomplish the most important things. Your website is the base of your online presence. It is a serious investment that will be on the internet forever.

Food For Thought

With this being said, would you rather have it in the hands of a capable human being you know or may meet? Or would you rather place your bets on a faceless system that may not print the results you want right away? Do not take what we say as the “smoking gun” on AI Website Builder choice. We just analyzed this with careful research and we believe that the human element

We think that if you know what you are doing and are prepared to handle all of the work that comes with it, go for it. If anything, it gets done quicker, with only your vision. However, finding someone to help you along the way is always recommended. AI Website Builders can accomplish terrific things and may even break the limitation barrier from the time of this writing. Just make sure you are prepared along the road if you want to use AI Website Builders. Do the homework and get ready for the journey.

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website design company in florida


When you are conceiving a website or need a website, you need to be methodical in your approach. If you will use AI Website Builders to make your website go out on the web, you need to do your homework. Like any other page builder, it has limitations and can even keep you from taking things to the next level.

After careful analysis, there can be repercussions for using AI Website Builders. The difference is that when using an AI Website builder, you may be at the mercy of the builder, just like the AI Website Builders would put you. You want capable hands working with you each step of the way. And if capable hands are a no-can-do, then the homework will save you a lot of headaches, time, and money. Once you choose your system, your website may be up in minutes. However, it is up to you or whoever may help you on how it will perform for the long haul.

We hope this article has helped you out. The only idea coming from this is to inform, not try to get you to call us right away. We want you to make the decision that you feel is right, but just take this information with a weight before making the decision if you want to use AI Website Builders. If you need help, we are a Phone Consultation away. The least we can do is point you in the right direction.

Our team is passionate about Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, and Business Growth. We love building websites tailored for results, and with Google constantly changing, we have put together a system to make websites be in the top 10% in Google’s eye, and our customers are enjoying its rewards. We would love to help your business enjoy these rewards; let us know if you are interested!

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