AI and SEO – A Brief Analysis


The artificial intelligence movement is new, fresh, and here to stay. Websites will be built using AI, Graphics will be made with AI, and Copy will be written via AI. You can even get AI to code your particular web apps at a basic level if given the right prompt. There is an unlimited amount of opportunities that have been brought to the world because of artificial intelligence. You might ask, how do AI and SEO connect? How will search engines determine ranking factors based on artificial intelligence? These are questions that are polarizing across the web and amongst professionals.

ai and seo service
ai and seo service

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a long time. This commodity of technology has always been amongst us. AI technology is used throughout multitudes of industries between industry, government and science. Google’s algorithm, other search engine algorithms, video game enemy or friendly AI, algorithms written for Advertising, and algorithms for social media. It is no stranger to us as artificial intelligence plays a key role in how many programs are run. Self-driving cars, strategy games, generative and creative tools. It plays a crucial role in today’s world.

Alan Turing conducted the substantial research that he called Machine Intelligence. It has been founded as an academic discipline in 1956. The funding for this research massively increased in 2012 when deep learning surpassed all previous AI techniques and 2017 with the transformer architecture. With the domino effect in play, AI made a significant impact this decade.

It has been amongst us, and we know it. But why are we talking about it so much? It is because it has grown to do many tasks beyond recognition. The controversial topic is the use of AI Tech, such as AI Website Builders, and how it has been driven to the loss of jobs and more damaging issues. It, however, has been used to increase productivity for many companies and professionals.

ai website builder

Generative And Creative Tools Are What Makes The Difference

The emergence of ChatGPT, Jasper, and many more AI Tools online has made copywriting, asset creation, and coding a faster process. Some individuals would not need to have the skill to code to put up a website, art to make a beautifully digitized art piece, and writing skills to write compelling copy. It also creates a stigma that things can be done faster as AI can help you get ideas to work with on whatever it is you are doing creatively. It enables you to write better code and helps you Unit Test your application. Generative/Creative AI Tools can even help you debug and improve existing code and tell you why their solution is better suited.

In a positive light, it could never be a better time to learn how to write code. It can help you get things done faster, and it is an excellent time for those that prefer to get things done rather than step back and think about what needs to be done. If you are a go-getter, AI can help you solve many problems and make you stand out in your field. The only thing is that you should not just “use” it, you should understand what Generative services print out and apply it to other jobs. You can take the code/copy/images verbatim and “memorize” it. However, it is best to completely understand and apply what you learn from Generative AI Services. In fact, you should not do everything on your own, as you can burn out.

A Positive & Negative Light On AI

However, it has decimated jobs in the creative writing sector of many industries due to how much copy can be written fast. Copywriting is a long process and takes a lot of creativity to put together story telling copy that is also compelling for consumers. With AI able to take on this task in seconds, it has led people to move into other lines of work.

professional seo services near me
professional seo services near me

Search Engine Optimization

There is AI Involved in SEO. Search Engine Optimization. One of the greatest and most fascinating commodities in digital marketing today. If you achieve good SEO around your website, and your brand, you go right into a promised land. A promised land of customers ordering your products and services and saving many advertising costs for just naturally ranking on search engines. There is an algorithm in each search engine that determines where your Web Page or Listing online is going to rank.

Search engine result pages have “widgets” lining up from top to bottom. Each of these “widgets,” they all have ranking factors with pre-written determinations that change every day. It not only changes standards but also changes rank on many websites across the web. It is always best to know how to check for website ranking to stay ahead. We wrote a great article on how to check your results. Anyway, how do AI Generated Websites and Copy come into play?

ai and seo
ai and seo


If everyone was doing the same thing, how is it going to help your customer make an informed decision. Morely, why would they choose you? Google and other search engines will make these determinations, and it is evident that AI and SEO may not be exactly a nice pair if everyone is going to do it. Originality is key if you want to rank organically, so using AI may not be your best bet.

In fact, algorithms dropped last year to combat the overuse of ChatGPT and related tools. The same has been done for plagiarism, the same has been done for stock imagery on websites. And even, the same has been done for Backlink Buying. If it is not “natural” or organically from you, why would you deserve the result?

Being original is going to take you a long way. So what would be the right thing to do? We are not saying exactly not to use the Generative and Creative tools set by artificial technology, but it may be worth looking into using as not a means to end. It can be used as a means to create or start from if you are stuck. If used correctly, you can actually come out with fantastic websites, copy and content.

AI Copy Generation and EEAT For Google

EEAT. Why EEAT matters. Google judges pages based on the page’s credibility, author, and website. It stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These principles should keep you interested as more EEAT-related algorithm drops will continue throughout 2024. If you are an expert in your field with plenty of expertise, authority with respect from other experts, and trustworthy in your writing, you shouldn’t have to worry. If you are going through ChatGPT and copying/pasting your Blog Posts and Landing Page copy with no edits or fine tooth look through what was given to you, you may run into problems.

The reason you would run into problems is Google is eventually going to detect or, if not by the time of this writing, is already catching AI-generated copy on websites, destroying the credibility of the author and website. Basically, what was stated earlier is that being original is going to take you a long way. If you are a genuine expert, an authority in your field with trustworthiness amongst the board, you should not need to copy/paste all of the generative copy to write articles about what you do. You should be able to rank higher as long as you are writing better copy and providing unique content at all times.


In laments terms, you should not artificially put something together. It should be all you. If you want to use AI Tools to help get you there, that is fine, as long it is strictly coming from you. It is essential that you put together a good SEO Plan around doing things completely natural. Not from someone or something else that misrepresents you. If you need SEO Consultation, give us a shout. We love talking about SEO and the latest intech and would love to provide you with a roadmap for your business.

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