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Kids World Play Systems is a swing set, basketball hoop, commercial playground, and trampoline manufacturer located in Northeast Ohio. We were approached with the task on not just doing retail web design and retail seo, but also to build a sales driven ecommerce website that can process online orders, and a process that makes it easier for the client to help their customers. This website was designed in mind of getting as much customers to their flagship locations in Ohio as well as getting them to order swing sets, playgrounds, basketball hoops, and trampolines online. 

In the last couple of years of continued work on this website, Kids World Play Systems has been placed in the top 10% in the world in respect to ranking and is managed with a healthy infrastructure and design that gets the message to the customer sooner and drives results and orders. With the constant changes and challenges of ECommerce SEO, we have to constantly enhance features and add simplification for the customer buying process on the website. This ecommerce website is a powerhouse for sales and customer acquisition opportunities. 

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WooCommerce Web Design Unleashed

To get the most out of leads showing up to the showrooms, and orders online, we decided to use WordPress and WooCommerce. As an ecommerce web design company, we aim to mazimize results for our customers and it has been evident WooCommerce has been the best in getting results for our clients. Kids World Play Systems is one major example too! With a mazimized order belt system, simplified experiences for the business and the customer, and using WordPress and WooCommerce at their best, we have seen a massive influx of customers.

Product Pages are designed like Landing Pages that target what individuals are looking for in a particular product in the website. Our collections are optimized to make sure that even with mainly showing the catalog, we have helpful buyers guide content for customers. Our responsive web design principles and design flow helps customers get to where they need to be. The content marketing in the blog helps customers get the answers they need with a blog website template implemented so that the content flows great and also gets customers asking for more questions that our website content team is more than happy to accommodate for weekly.

The E-commerce Experience is optimized and is transparent for customers ordering online and with that approach we have in fact seen repeat customers come back and buy more products. A family-friendly color scheme and typography entice customers to continue buying with a theme of legitimacy and fun for this fun company. 

ECommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is not an easy feat to be working with these days. Many entrepreneurs want to start an ecommerce business, but do not understand the concepts of SEO and why it is important. When we were approached about making the website, we were clear right from the get-go that the website needs to be user-friendly, fast, convenient, and with an infrastructure to complete orders and bring customers back. Believe it or not, the interest part is that these are massive core concepts in any form of SEO. If you don’t have these basics covered, you are not competing, you are existing. 

With the proper ecommerce web design intact, we have integrated a system of keyword research, targeting, and implementation on products, blog posts, collections and landing pages that spreads the message for the customers needing help in buying a swing set online. With the right proportions of content marketing and descriptions on products, we have seen an influx of keyword acquisitions throughout this year (2023) just by doing the right things and continued work on the website.

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Build an ecommerce website with Hamilton Digital Solutions! We are ecommerce website experts that emphasizes maximization in growth for ecommerce companies. When it comes to ecommerce seo strategy, this website makes it easy to drive traffic in. To be in the company of the top 10% of websites in the world with respect to rank and authority, Kids World Play Systems is a project the team at Best Website Builder Group  will continue to be proud of throughout time. 

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